Is NZ On the Road to Bolshevism?

The openly Marxist Labour/Green partnership that runs New Zealand is exploiting a series of significant events  – the Christchurch shooting, the contrived Covid-19 scare, and the orchestrated George Floyd protests – to create a totalitarian state.  The strategy relies heavily on fear, division and the suppression of dissent.

The creation of a police state

The shooting on 15 March 2019 of 51 men in two Christchurch mosques by a much-travelled Australian (some say CIA agent), set in train a series of measures by the government which charted a seemingly inexorable course towards the establishment of a police state.

The combination of:

  • the unwarranted censorship after the Christchurch event, accompanied by threats of long prison sentences,
  • the normalisation of armed police calling at family homes for flimsy reasons,
  • the role of the police during the lockdown, and
  • the introduction of new hate speech laws

all serve to create fear in would-be dissidents and protesters.

Whither New Zealand?

Slobodan Solajic asks: The Second American Revolution Or The First American Bolshevik Revolution?

‘The “revolutionary” initiatives in the US that Tucker Carlson talked about in his monologue about “Why mobs are tearing down America’s monuments” chillingly remind me of what was happening during the dying days of the Russian Empire and the Romanov dynasty, and the unimaginable horror imposed by the Bolshevik ideology in the years during and after the revolution:

Solajic’s long list of points includes:

  • Constitutional rights of Americans are continuously eroded through various coercive measures, judicial and legislative precedents, etc
  • Perpetual attempts to disarm Americans through so-called “gun control”
  • Forced displacement: a strategic development recognised and described by Kelly M. Greenhill in ‘Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy’
  • Mainstream media is entirely controlled, spewing propaganda for systematic brainwashing and social/mental engineering
  • Degradation of American culture and history (also through destruction of monuments and historical and cultural sites)
  • Social education which encourages a hateful and racist view of European-American citizens which could be considered as ‘reverse racism’
  • Campuses are the centers of indoctrination
  • Unnatural, oftentimes deviant, moral dogmas normalizing unhealthy and dangerous lifestyles which cause the long-term destruction of family, culture heritage, and achieved civilization levels
  • Violent false flag events being used as a pretext to disarm Americans and further increase the police/security state
  • Deliberate attempts to create racial tension leading to a race or civil war in America, while at the same time promoting multiculturalism and diversity which are then used to add more fuel to the already present racial problems.’

Solajik concludes with ‘Considering all of this, is America on the threshold of its own Bolshevik revolution?’  Many or all of these his points apply in New Zealand, though we have not yet experienced the murderous ‘race riots’ currently being experienced in America.  The recent calls for NZ to abolish police follow a US trend.

There are alternatives to violence and civil war.  Media and politicians are preparing the world for an alleged second wave of coronavirus, which may have implications for New Zealand’s elections in September.  Another lockdown would at least hinder campaigning and democratic participation at meetings, distributing leaflets etc – it could mean the cancellation of the election.  If you can achieve so much through fear – fear of disease on the part of the majority, fear of the consequences of dissent on the part of the minority – there is no need to resort to overt violence.

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