How Neo-Marxists Have Hijacked the New Zealand Labour Movement

Ayn Rand famously said that ‘the difference between a welfare state and a totalitarian state is only a matter of time’.   Maybe it doesn’t have to be like that – but maybe it does.

In its early years NZ Labour stood for affordable health and education, national rail, home ownership for all, job protection and full employment.  How does Labour today compare?

Why I have abandoned Labour after 40 years

Labour’s post-war ideal has given way to a naked drive towards Marxist totalitarianism and one world government, with the Labour/Green partnership launching a fast-moving assault on the NZ way of life.  The introduction of initiatives to:

  • undermine property rights and replace homes with apartments
  • destroy the farming sector and rural New Zealand
  • weaken the fabric of society through child abusive education policies
  • use the cold virus to crash the economy and the health system and create a police state

all follow a neo-Marxist model as dictated by the UN and the elite foundations that own the UN.  The goal is communism in its proper sense, a highly controlled world population governed by an elite, in other words totalitarianism.

From a conservative Christian website:

‘So all this mass media claptrap lately about how well our friendly, smiling, unmarried Communist NZ Prime Minister P [… is doing…] – while behind the scenes, she and her Marxist/Socialist colleagues are frantically working day and night to destroy marriage, destroy the family, destroy gender, get all the nation’s children out of the control of parents at home and indoctrinate them all to become little socialists in state-funded child care centres, destroy all personal freedoms under state dictatorship, tax and spend like there is no tomorrow to destroy the economy, while working towards the ultimate Marxist goal to abolish the right to own all private property – isn’t it about time we all woke up to who she really is, and called her the wickedly deceptive little Communist Comrade she really is?’ (Genuine Christianity Now)

So how much of this is wrong?

‘the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property’ (Karl Marx, Communist Manifesto)

Labour has introduced a raft of measures to remove traditional private property rights and eliminate home gardens, arguing the prior claim of ‘biodiversity’, despite NZ’s extensive national and urban reserves.  The measures include the Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity, Biodiversity Strategy and Urban Development Bill.   The aim is  to move the populace to high-density rental living, in accordance with the UN’s Agenda 21.

Clearing the countryside and eliminating the agricultural sector

The New Zealand government has brought in so many incentives to convert fertile pasture to pine forest that purchase of land with an intent to farm is not an option.   Forestry can not provide anything like the jobs that agriculture does, and there are huge implications for rural life, the economy, the food supply and the environment.  Moving people out of rural New Zealand will further Agenda 21 and Labour’s policy of high density living.

The impoverishment of New Zealand

The goal of Marxism is to ensure that all power is concentrated into a few hands.   The Ardern regime has done all in its power to impoverish NZ to the benefit of the wealthy, with foreign interests expected to benefit most.

The encouragement of the sale of farmland into overseas ownership: Farmland is considered by the Overseas Investment Office (OIO) to be ‘sensitive land’ and purchase by overseas interests requires OIO approval. An exception is made for farmland that is to be converted to forestry.

The disastrous effect of Covid-19 measures on NZ businesses: As a result of the measures taken on the back of the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’, an enormous transfer of wealth upwards and outwards (ie overseas) is expected, when small family businesses (‘the bourgeoisie’) go to the wall.  While the super-rich are making billions , Labour MP Deborah Russell expressed her contempt for small businesses struggling to survive the lockdown:



The government has throughout the manufactured crisis been reluctant to discuss the negative consequences of its response.  It has recently been revealed that Treasury, who obligingly agreed to suspend all Regulatory Impact Assessment relating to Covid-19 measures, warned back in early April of a possible fire sale of NZ companies to foreign owners.

Destroying society, culture and the family are fundamental policies of Cultural Marxism

When a society stops caring for its young, it has reached a level of degradation from which recovery may be impossible.

The NZ Sexuality Education syllabus

 The teachers’ resource Navigating the Journey: Sexuality Education:

  • Recommends the sexualisation of children from the age of five,
  • Forces small children to consider transsexuality as a natural option,
  • Reinforces and exaggerates male-female stereotypes.

The World Health Organisation recommends instruction in masturbation for European toddlers from 0 to 4 years– this will certainly become NZ policy under a Labour/Green administration.  (See Cultural Marxism and the NZ Sex Education Curriculum.)

Gender self-identification

Both Jacinda Ardern and the Green Party support a policy of gender self-identification, which puts newly declared rights of men ahead of time-honoured rights of women and children.  An attempt to insert an amendment to the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill at select committee stage without public consultation failed – no doubt it will be introduced in another Labour/Green term.

Labour seeks to bully and blackmail children into becoming climate activists via the Climate Science Curriculum

The curriculum is devoid of science, actively discourages critical thinking, and is designed to frighten children into compliance. The provision of a long list of agencies that can advise parents or treat deliberately traumatised children, including suicide-help, should be a clue to how iniquitous this curriculum is. (See The NZ Climate Change Curriculum is Cult Indoctrination and Child Abuse)

Burning books

‘Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.’
(Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984).

As part of the protests against ‘white supremacy’ and Western Civilisation, statues and other historical references been vandalised or removed across the English-speaking world, including New Zealand – one startling example being the defacing of Penny Lane’s street signage in Liverpool , claiming an (unproven) link with slavery.  It is perhaps no coincidence that NZ’s National Library is culling 625,000 books, almost the totality of the international collection, which:

  • Reduces access to factual knowledge
  • Cuts links to a heritage going back thousands of years
  • Creates a sense of disempowerment

Creating racial hatred in New Zealand

Many people, including Muslim familes, walked out of a post-Christchurch vigil organised by Green Party leader Marama Davidson when they found it was an anti-white hatefest.  Davidson could be Deputy Prime Minister if a Labour/Green coalition win the election.

The bizarre policy, unique to New Zealand, of imposing a hybrid form of English by inserting large quantities of (unfamiliar) Maori phrases into English texts creates resentment amongst the non-Maori population, and presents considerable difficulty for non-native speakers of either language, including immigrants.

Labour exploits a cold virus to create a police state

Ardern ignored expert advice, scientific studies and facts on the ground which show that the Covid-19 virus has not lived up to the media build-up, in order to crash the economy, wreck the health system and trash democratic freedoms.  The Covid-19 Public Health Response Act gives the government, the police and ‘authorised persons’ undreamed-of powers to control the lives of NZ citizens, including powers of entry without a warrant, for up to two years.

Is NZ headed for martial law?

Ardern has assigned responsibility for policing its Covid-19 quarantine to the military.   This opens the way for these responsibilities to be extended to include entering private homes without a warrant.

If we look back over the period since the Chrischurch mosques shooting on the Ides of March 2019, we can see that the event set in train a series of measures by the government which have charted a seemingly inexorable course towards the establishment of a police state.  These include:

  • the draconian censorship imposed to prevent viewing the documentary evidence,
  • the announcement of the fast-tracking of hitherto unmooted gun control laws, in tandem with
  • a policy to normalise armed police patrols, including visits to law-abiding citizens.  (see Is New Zealand on the Road to Bolshevism)

Be Kind  – Or Else

Ardern’s style consists of appeals for kindness, moral blackmail for waverers, and threats of imprisonment for dissidents. New Zealanders have had to tolerate the Orwellian experience of Jacinda Ardern within the space of a minute reinforcing the need for kindness, reminding of police powers to ensure compliance, and advising how to dob in one’s neighbours (see Appendix, 6:00).  For weeks exhortations to ‘Be Kind’ were everywhere, even in lights on State Highway 1.

It’s a moot question whether we term Jacinda Ardern’s dystopia Brave New World, or 1984.


Daily COVID-19 Media Conference, 29 March


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Jacinda Ardern, giving closing address to the 2009 International Union of Socialist Youth Festival in Hungary, uses the term comrade 15 times in seven minutes:




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  1. Great article. I agree wholeheartedly with all of this. Climate change pales into insignificance when compared to the catastrophic social consequences of this labour government.

  2. Hi 🙂 great Post I’m currently building a people’s news site to try and organise quality content to give a voice to the people and to try and educate the masses as well as provide an alternative narrative to the mainstream lies – would you mind if I republished your blog with credit and link? the site is still in construction but can be viewed as a WIP

  3. Even if you agree with only part of this article, you should be deeply worried! I know of people who have voted Labour all their lives who are crossing over to Billy Te Kahika’s NZ Public Party. He seems to be the only politician talking seriously about defending our freedoms and rights which the Labour/Greens are eroding day by day!

    1. Larken expounds the essence of our (self inflicted) despotism; the belief in authority over us:
      I postulate that the entire ‘System’ ruling over us on a local, national and global scope has zero legitimacy.
      How so?
      All authority evidently flows from the top down, not up, and none of these Organs installed as conduits for policy commands by the top echelon has been voted on by any of the Productive People who support the entire ‘System’ via Taxes etc!

      The so called parliamentary representative ‘democracy’ which is the hallowed ‘gold standard’ held up to be exported under a hail of bombs and missiles are nothing more than houses of ill-repute which serve this very same parasitic oligarchy which implemented this System of total control!

      ►UN, WHO, WTO, NATO, CFR, Chatham House, Trilateral Commission, BMGF, IMF, WB, BIS, WS, CME, LBMA, etc, etc, etc, and every Government and all its departments, Universities, Academia, MSM, School Curriculum and on and on!

      What the Productive People globally must undertake is to first grasp that the ENTIRE SYSTEM has ZERO legitimacy due to these facts that they’re top-down imposed and don’t serve the interests of the Productive People but the parasitic Oligarchy!

      Then Humanity must, first via the Ballot Box, to try and change the SYSTEM!
      If that doesn’t work then what’s left for Humanity to save itself from the sinister machinations being played out right now under cover of this plandemic, when THEY enunciate countless times that a World Population of under 500m would be ideal!

      (BTW I’m very impressed with the wide ranging grasp BTK has on this conspiracy! ANYTHING is better than the established parties which having taken us down the path towards this hell expounded in this excellent article!)

      ♥What we need is REAL Democracy NOW:

    1. Thanks for the article, glad l found it having now read it l ties my thinking all together in saying the people of NZ have to vote this Marxist Socialist rabble out .

  4. Atlas shrugged some more. Those, no doubt lovely people that come to vote, seem to have no idea about the background of the Morons they vote for. Don’t people do their homework anymore?, do they get their knowledge out of newspapers and TV, and there chained-on I-pads? No wonder this lovely country of ours is going down the gurgler at an alarming rate. Some clever person at some stage said, once a cop always a cop! This equally goes for Socialists, Once a Socialist always a Socialist!! And this leads (unfortunately) to tyranny. Coming to a town near you, very soon. Please people withdraw your vote, NOW!, and get missy adern shipped to a desert Island somewhere in the northern hemisphere close to the North Pole. Novaya Zemlya sound like a good starting point.

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