UK Ministry of Health Expects COVID-19 vaccine to Lead to a ‘High Volume’ of Adverse Reactions

The UK has been on a shopping spree to secure coronavirus vaccines from multiple companies.   According to Reuters, in total it has made agreements to buy 362 million vaccine doses in total; the population of the UK is 66 million.

At the same time the Ministry of Health is aware that the fast-tracked vaccines will not undergone the necessary testing (which normally takes years).  A recent contract award notice by the Ministry of Health’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), for software to manage adverse reactions, makes it painfully clear that those brave enough, or compelled, to take the vaccines when they first become available will be the test subjects.

The notice makes it clear that

  • the UK government is expecting an unprecedented number of injuries arising from the Covid-19 vaccine, so many that its normal systems won’t be able to cope, and
  • that the government plans to process the adverse reactions as quickly as possible, so that then, and only then, can it evaluate the safety of the vaccine.

So, like other governments around the world, the UK is committed to investing huge sums in a vaccine and to essentially forcing it on the populace, when it knows the vaccine:

The following was written by Mandata and first published in Greek at Mandata  (translated by Barbara McKenzie).

“Just when:

  • Major pharmaceutical companies are embarking on a frantic race to make the new coronavirus vaccine,
  • Governments inside and outside the European Union are rushing to conclude contracts and agreements for the supply of the vaccine, and
  • The mainstream media, fully coordinated and in complete unanimity, are committed to propagating the new vaccine that is coming to ‘save’ us, emphasizing its effectiveness, but also its safety,

The United Kingdom is taking urgent measures to prepare to deal with a ‘high volume’ [sic] of side effects from the new vaccine.

On 23 November, the Ministry of Health’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) published in TED (Tenders Electronic Daily – annex to the Official Journal of the European Union) a contract award notice for the supply of Artificial Intelligence software to handle the ‘expected high volume of COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions’.


The following is a description of the procurement process, by which the contract (worth £1,500,000.00 plus VAT) will be awarded directly without it going to tender.


The (self-evident?) conclusions are yours, but we will emphasize only one point:

The UK does not know at the moment which vaccine to order, since from the point of view of the pharmaceutical companies the process hasn’t moved beyond announcements to the press, because  no Covid-19 vaccine has actually been approved.

However, the relevant department of the Ministry of Health knows very well and with absolute certainty that, whatever the new vaccine is, not only will it have serious side effects, but they will manifest in such a large number that its information systems will be unable to cope.

Nevertheless, the Ministry continues to enter into contracts and agreements with the pharmaceutical companies for the purchase of the vaccine and asks to strengthen his system with new artificial intelligence software in order to be able to cope!

In other words, in addition to the money the Ministry will spend on vaccines, it will spend more to deal with the expected damage that they will cause!  It could be considered just another case of scandalous government procurement and embezzlement of public money, if not for the criminal implications for the health and lives of millions of people.”

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A vaccine on its own will not end the #COVID19 pandemic. We will still need to continue:
-Testing, isolating & caring for cases
-Tracing & quarantining contacts
-Engaging communities
-Encouraging individuals to be careful #ACTogether #EB147

— Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (@DrTedros) November 16, 2020

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