COVID-19: Bill Gates Engineers a Global Crisis from Seasonal Flu

With carefully planning, and a huge financial investment, Bill Gates has shut down the global economy and caused harm to countless people, by turning seasonal flu into a totally unjustified pandemic crisis.  The purpose of the engineered crisis is to crash the world’s economies, normalise authoritarianism  and further the elites’ goal of global government.

The COVID-19 beat-up

‘The Emperor has no clothes’ (Wolfgang Woburg)

Subsequent to the pronouncement of what has been described as a new, lethal and highly infectious coronavirus, COVID-19, a state of panic has been engineered by the corporate media.  Enormous pressure has been put on governments to ‘act’ – citizens have been begging for the draconian and economically disastrous measures which are been imposed.

Protests by scientists that the danger is exaggerated are ignored by media and politicians, who are being morally blackmailed into taking extreme measures.  Anyone who suggests that a targeted measure to safeguard those at risk from corona or any virus (as is usual practice) would be far preferable to locking down the country and thereby causing enormous damage to the economy and to people’s livelihood, well-being and rights, is promptly labelled cynical and callous.

Virologists, epidemiologists, pulmonologists and other scientists in  relevant fields have from the outset criticised the scare with regard to the efficacy of the test, the reliability of data, the level of danger presented by the virus, and the damage to the economy and society presented by the draconian measures, see, for example, 12 here and another 10 hereNew evidence emerging as time goes only confirms what these medical experts have been saying – that COVID-19 is no more than seasonal flu, not shown to be more dangerous than in other years.  Medical scientists have pointed out that figures for infection are a vast underestimate.

‘All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook’ (Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology, emeritus professor at  Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz)

The view of John Lee, emeritus professor of pathology, is that if we tracked any other seasonal virus in the same way, we would also see an exponential increase.

  • Much of the response to Covid-19 seems explained by the fact that we are watching this virus in a way that no virus has been watched before.’
  • ‘We have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths, in any part of the world.’
  • ‘When drastic measures are introduced, they should be based on clear evidence. In the case of Covid-19, the evidence is not clear.’
  • ‘We have decided on policies of extraordinary magnitude without concrete evidence of excess harm already occurring, and without proper scrutiny of the science used to justify them.’

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, pulmonologist, has pointed out that the test protocol for coronavirus was fast-tracked by the World Health Organisation without the usual tests being run (it was given the stamp of approval in mid-January).

It seems that virologists contrived something sensational, which impressed the Chinese government. It became a political sensation completely exceeding the virological frame. Face recognition installed everywhere, ‘the clinical thermometer controlled the traffic on Chinese streets’.

COVID-19 – a Bill Gates Project

David Rockefeller’s environmentalism and ‘climate change’ narrative has the world believing that anthropogenic CO2 is about to destroy the planet, and this can only be diverted by huge sacrifice on the part of ordinary people.  Rockefeller’s project has now arguably been eclipsed by that of his colleague, Bill Gates, who has always held the medical portfolio of the Club of Rome.

The leadership role of Bill Gates in the coronavirus panic is unquestionable.

World Health Organisation

‘having sold its soul to Gates and other business donors, the WHO no longer represents the interests of patients’ (Dr Rath Foundation)

The World Health Organisation fast-tracked the first COVID-19 test protocol, and since then has played its part in creating hysteria over COVID-19.  The Gates Foundation is the biggest private donor to the WHO and the second biggest funder after the United States.  It has given over 2 billion to the WHO since the 1980s.  Other major private ‘partners’ of WHO are the Rockefeller Foundation and parmaceutical/vaccine companies such as GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Pasteur.  WHO and Gates Foundation, along with UNICEF and the World Bank, are ‘core partners’ in the vaccine alliance GAVI

Medical Research

The Gates Foundation funds a number of medical research institutes, all of which are actively promoting his plandemic.

The German Center for Infection (DZIF)

The initial test protocol approved by the WHO was developed at the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) at the Charité University of Medicine in Berin. The DZIF partners a number of governments and NGOs, foremost amongst them the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in The Global Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Development Hub, located in Berlin under the roof of the DZIF.  The DZIF has also collaborated with Rockefeller University in New York.

Imperial College London

‘You are locked in your house right now because of some buffoon at Imperial College’, Mark Windows, World Government Declares War.

Epidemiological data which has influenced decision making in countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand has been provided in a study by Imperial College London.  The College has claimed that deaths from COVID-19 could amount to over half a million in the United Kingdom and 2 million deaths in the United States.

While Bill Gates has suggested that Imperial College reporting is if anything too optimistic,  its projections have been widely criticised as unneccessarily alarmist – one analysis finds that the College has exaggerated the risk by 131 times.  Such criticism has not stopped governments imposing extraordinary measures on the back of Imperial College modelling.

The College is heavily funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: the total amount by 2018 has been calculated as $184,872,226.99.  The Gates Foundation is the second biggest donor to Imperial College after the Wellcome Trust, whose donations amount to $400,322,589.00. The Wellcome Trust works closely with the Gates Foundation in a number of endeavours, such as the founding of CEPI, whose mission statement reads,  ‘The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation’s (CEPI’s) mission is to stimulate and accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases and enable access to these vaccines for people during outbreaks.’

Others include the Institut Pasteur , likewise supporting corona alarmism.  (This video investigates the Institut’s claim that France’s hospitals are full of people desperately ill from coronavirus.)


Event 201

In Oct 2019, six weeks before COVID-19 appeared, a Global Pandemic Exercise called Event 201 took place involving the Western Governments, agencies and key players including the US and Chinese CDC, which focused on a Coronavirus originating in pigs.

Event 201 was co-hosted by the Gates foundation, the World Economic Forum and John Hopkins University.  As Spiro Skouras has pointed out, news reports fabricated for this exercise are eerily similar to reports we are currently seeing with regard to the real pandemic.  Segment four of the five hour simulation talks of the suppression of misinformation, through draconian measures such as shutting down the internet.

The 7th Military Games and the Virus Drill

The Chinese Government simulated a coronavirus outbreak in a drill on September 18th 2019, 30 days before the Military Games, held in Wuhan. Thus this drill was held exactly 30 days before the key date of October 18th, 2019 – the same date when the Wuhan Military Games began and also the very same date when Event 201 (Big Pharma, Bill Gates, China’s CDC, America’s CDC, etc.) was held in the USA which was also simulating a ‘fictional’ scenario of how to handle a coronavirus epidemic. (Chinese Government Foreknowledge?  See also report from Hubei Daily, Google translation, original)

Given the role of China in these events, and in the COVID-19 outbreak itself, questions must be asked about how closely it has worked with Bill Gates in ‘managing’ the epidemic.  China has been accused of downplaying its mortality figures – it is possible that the opposite is the case.  Certainly it has taken the opportunity to crackdown on its citizens.

2015 Bill Gates predicts a deadly flu epidemic

In a TED talk of 2015, Bill Gates predicted that the next catastrophe was likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war – microbes, rather than missiles.  Some would say informed guess, an attempt to prepare people for a genuine epidemic – others would say a deliberate softening up, so that people were prepared and compliant when the designated epidemic was declared (as they have been).

Rockefeller Foundation Report Describing How to Use a Pandemic to Create Global Authoritarian Power

The Rockefeller Foundation published a report in 2010 described a scenario in which a pandemic could be used as an excuse to create a world of total government control and authoritarian leadership (pdf).


‘We don’t want to squash a flea with a sledgehammer and bring the house down.  (Simon Thornley, epidemiologist at Auckland University, Dominion Post 1 April 2020, speaking for himself at least.)
‘The life expectancy of millions is being shortened. The horrifying impact on world economy threatens the existence of countless people.’ (Dr Sucharit Bhakdi)

Shutdown of the economy:   The US has lost 10 million jobs in two weeks.  International tourism is at a standstill, with huge implications for everyone from airlines to hotels to souvenir sellers.  New Zealand’s two biggest earners are tourism and the agricultural sector – the shutdown comes just as the government has adopted the economically dubious strategy of replacing farming with forestry.

The personal cost: Lives will be wrecked due to the loss of jobs, and increased alcoholism and drug abuse.  In New Zealand, increased domestic abuse is likely.  The restrictions on activity will also impact on health – walking round the block is no substitute for hiking in the hills, long bikes rides, or playing sport.  In New Zealand those shopping for food are forced to wait for long periods in the cold outside supermarkets – these shoppers still include a worrying number of elderly people.

Implications for the tax payer:  The New Zealand government has announced a $12 billion support plan;  the US has announced a $2 trillion economic packageBailouts or buy-ins of the airline industry are expected.  Bank bail-outs are expected.

Implications for the small business model:  In the short term the impact will be greatest on small businesses.  Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading said on RT’s Boombust (3 April) that, ‘The companies that survive will be stronger and will take on staff.  People just won’t be going back to those small businesses they were working for.’  Whether the small business model will bounce back as economies recover is questionable.

The Markets: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) finished Monday 9 March with its worst loss since December 2008, with the Dow Jones declining by more than 2,000 points. The collapse was spurred by an anticipated economic downturn caused by the spreading COVID-19 coronavirus and its associated quarantines, travel restrictions and decreased trade. Corona-scare apologists say that the crash was coming anyway after a lengthy bull market,  aggravated by strangely coincidental oil war.  However it is hardly credible to claim that the crashing economy due to the lockdown would have no effect on the market at all.

The Police State

With neither a bang nor barely a whimper, barely one week ago New Zealand put being a long established and respected Parliamentary democracy on hold to become a virtual Police state in the ongoing fight against Covid-19 (Peter Dunne, former NZ Cabinet Minister) ‘Democracy On Hold

Measures taken have perforce impacted negatively on the rights and freedoms of citizens, in a way that could not have been predicted, and completely unknown in democratic societies.

‘We have settled into a life regime more restrictive than at any previous point in our history – including wartime.

‘We have no freedom of movement, limited access to essential goods and services, and our borders have been sealed; we are encouraged to snoop on our neighbours and report them if we believe they are breaking the rules, and to report businesses if we think they are price-gouging.’ (Peter Dunne)

Police in New Zealand and abroad have been heavy-handed in the administration of their new duties to enforce the lockdown.  People taking their dogs to deserted beaches in Wellington have been sent home by police.  In England, the police are sending out drones to harass people walking in national parks.  People have been harassed for reading on park benches.  One former British police officer called for the tasering and the use of rubber bullets on non-compliant citizens.

Both in UK and New Zealand there is uncertainty over the law, what the police are actually mandated to do under the law.

‘This is what a police state is like. It’s a state in which the government can issue orders or express preferences with no legal authority and the police will enforce ministers’ wishes’ (Lord Sumption).

Even those who agree that COVID-19 is exceptionally dangerous have expressed concern about the level of police intrusion into people’s lives.

‘New Zealand – the “land of the long white cloud” – has evolved into a police state overnight amid the fallout of Covid-19, with people now being encouraged to dob in fellow Kiwis who flout lockdown rules.’ Darius Shahtahmasebi, ‘New Zealand becoming police state: Covid-19 lockdown to be taken seriously, but reporting neighbors & abuse of power goes too far’

The level of risk presented by the COVID-19 virus cannot possibly justify this assault on democracy and this level of harm to humanity.

Cui Bono

Financial Gain: Larger businesses – and especially the corporations – will ultimately benefit from both the failure of small businesses and the crashing of the market.

The principle goal, however, is to further the aims of the globalists, e.g.:

Compulsory Vaccination:  Bill Gates has called for vaccine certificates as a requirement for travel.

Digital ID:   The Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, GAVI, Microsoft, Accenture and Ideo-Org have formed a partnership called the ID2020 alliance, whose purpose is to introduce (by the end of 2020) a ‘digital ID’ . (Bill Gates is a strong proponent of microchipping the human race, e.g. for vaccines, and for contraception.)  Gates has just announced plans to launch human-implantable ‘quantum-dot tattoos’ to show vaccine status.

More money to the (corporate-owned) UN: UN chief Antonio Guterres has asked for 10% of the word’s annual income to fight the current corona virus.

Calls for global government: Former British politicians Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and of course Bill Gates himself, have all called for global government.

Normalising of totalitarianism:   The declaration of a state of emergency and the speedy abandoning of democratic and natural rights has been remarkable easy, as Peter Dunne said, with neither a bang nor barely a whimper.  The majority of citizens are so scared of catching cold that they do not even think to question either the dangers or the draconian measures.  If the populace is so compliant now, will they notice if rights and freedoms are not fully restored, or object if lockddowns become common practice?  Climate activist group and globalist tool Extinction Rebellion has pointed to the lockdowns as a suitable model to stop climate change.

Perhaps the most concerning, the cleverest, aspect of the epidemic scare is that it provides an excuse to shut down important avenues of dissent.  The corporate media is, of course, on side anyway, but parliaments have been prorogued, public meetings are banned, leafletting is hardly likely to be tolerated.  Anyone who tries to organise a public protest is likely to be detained.

With governments like that of New Zealand totally under the thumb of the United Nations (i.e. of the corporations), a compliant populace, and huge damage already inflicted on the world, Bill Gates’ engineered crisis is  resounding success.


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26 thoughts on “COVID-19: Bill Gates Engineers a Global Crisis from Seasonal Flu

  1. Why don’t we just hunt down and kill every individual involved with this whole deal take there money and give it to the world for any and all damages rendered

  2. Barbara,

    Thanks for this post. There’s obviously a remarkable amount of research gone into it.

    But I have looked without success for evidence to justify your headline. I have not followed all those links, but neither do I see you refer to any of them as evidence that Gates engineered this global crisis. If I’ve made a mistake with that, I’m sorry, and if you refer me to the correct reference I’ll happily take a look. His donations to the WHO, while gargantuan and of long standing, and his connection to the Club of Rome, are of course no evidence of culpability. Globalists may well desire some of the measures taken in response to the pandemic, like implantation of ID data and so on, with all their implications for our loss of liberty, and thus justify their involvement in creating this crisis, yet it seems odd that the effects of the inevitable economic disruption will be ruinous to wealthy and poor alike. In any case, evidence of Gates’s mere association is not evidence of his culpability.

    Can you point me to such evidence, please?

    Richard Treadgold.

  3. Hi Richard, thank you for your input.

    You say that

    The article presents three conclusions drawn from the data available: that people are deceived as to the seriousness of COVID-19; that the deception is deliberate; and that this project is driven by Bill Gates. Are you saying that there is no case for one, two, or any of of the three conclusions?

    I am not an economist, but I’m quite perplexed by your assumption that there will be no winners from this disaster, that people who devise a plan to crash the global economy will not benefit financially. Where to start … Aside from the realities of the market, more than 20% of small businesses in the US have closed – do you really think they will be replaced by more small businesses, that larger entities, including foreign companies, won’t make a killing?

    It is disturbing that so many people involved in the climate debate in New Zealand see this as a complete different issue. The parallels with the climate debate are enormous:

    – The same players: while climate was a David Rockefeller creation, the biggest force behind it now is Bill Gates who is not only promoting it but initiating research into blocking the sun using various toxins, and carbon capture. Do you really think his motivations are altruistic?

    – The same strategies of data manipulation, lies, fearmongering, moral blackmail, suppression of dissent.

    Many people are trivialising the issue: the harm to the economy, our health, our democratic traditions. Bill Gates is proposing compulsory vaccination before travel or any mass gathering – so you can’t organise a protest against compulsory vaccination without being vaccinated.

    As Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, specialist in microbiology and former professor at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz said, along with many other scientists in relevant fields, “All these measures are leading to self-destruction and collective suicide based on nothing but a spook.”

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Are you saying that there is no case for one, two, or any of of the three conclusions?

      I’m saying there’s no case that, in the words of your headline, Bill Gates has engineered a global crisis from seasonal flu. I did not say:

      there will be no winners from this disaster, that people who devise a plan to crash the global economy will not benefit financially

      Rather, I said: “economic disruption will be ruinous to wealthy and poor alike” and that there’s no evidence Gates is responsible for it. While the wealthy may extract a profit at the end, they will certainly also suffer, for prosperity and destruction affect everyone alike, not just the wealthy and not just the poor.

      There may indeed be parallels with the climate scare, but they are still completely different issues. Your allegations about David Rockefeller and now Bill Gates promoting the climate scare are new to me, so I can’t comment on it, but there’s still no evidence in this article that might convict Gates.

      You clearly have passion about something you’re fully convinced of, but convincing me simply means presenting evidence you have surely seen.

  4. My dear Richard, do some homework and learn, I found this for you to watch, and she is also easy on your myopic eyes.

    1. My Dear Barbara,

      (You’re called Ted? If so, that’s fascinating.) I’m sorry if I’ve somehow offended you. Perhaps you think I’m saying there’s no evidence in the world that ties Gates to this crisis, but I’m not, it’s just that I see no evidence in your article, and there’s a big difference.

      Do some homework? Myopic? All because I don’t believe your innuendo and fact-free allegations? That’s rough. The only thing more persuasive than evidence is more evidence, so kindly present some. I appreciate your efforts to win me over, but you ought to know that abuse won’t do it. btw, I don’t have 45 minutes to watch an undescribed video, no matter how easy she is on my eyes, though that’s mighty thoughtful.

      Summarise what links Gates with this “plot”. Be brief. Use your own words. Imagine I’ve never heard of this, I’m not interested and you must inspire me. Challenge yourself.

      1. Richard, what an extraordinary response from you!

        There is no earthly reason why you should think I am ‘Ted’ – do you think you are the only person who responds to my blog posts?

        I was planning to reply to your comment, but I happen to be flat out on something I believe to be important. It’s disconcerting that while you have no time to watch a video, at your leisure, you expect me to drop everything and make a considered response to you on demand. I’m reminded of teenagers who send texts and get upset when they do not get one back within minutes.


      2. @Richard: You do not have to apologize for anything as your synopsis about this subject is right on the money!
        Sadly – I just today found this info – my reply addresses the current state as of November 2020 with a much clearer understanding of ‘they’ did deceptively, lies and conditioning via the draconian unconstitutional tyranny taking place.

        This is exactly as my/our mentor beginning in 2017 phrased “The future proves past”.

        This all was never about the or a virus – it was always about power and control!

        The main target by these globalists and their puppets was This country – The United States of America. This republic is the only country standing in the way of their long desired plan to usher in their (N)-World Order. The “N” does NOT stand for ‘New’ at all. It’s not new at all because it earnestly took on a life of its on beginning with the sinking of the fake Titanic, WW1 and WW2 and all others in between as well as 9/11 were all false flags. This republic was then intentionally infiltrated by the 13 families establishing the Federal Reserve, IRS and the rest – all private entities that even included taxpayer’s dollars to finance and support the Vatican, the Queen and the rest of the glove whichever laws they concocted after silently turning this Constitutional Republic into a Corporation based on ‘their’ Maritime Laws.
        All Americans became subjects to this corporation and the Maritime draconian laws. They literally own us to this very day. Even in 1871 we had democrats without so much as a whisper sideline the constitution and enact the pact as demanded by the 13 Blood lines families aka Illuminati.

        The second blow came with the Trojan Horse – again colluding with the Vatican and the UK – to bring thousands of Nazis here. Many of them were from the inner circle of Hitler while many others were scientists.
        Immediately in warp speed Nazi Werner von Brown lead NASA. Others immediately became heads of the UN and even hundreds more became the CIA where they taught other MK Ultra. To hide the continuation to this day they gave it a new name : Orion.Many more went into education and politics. Many became the leaders part of the NATO. Little did Americans know that all of them received new identities and names.
        One of the first imposter into the white house was old Bush aka Georg Scherff.

        Bush was the one kicking the (N)-World Order into high gear in this country with his 1990 speech. None of the history books reflect the truth. Hitler himself and the rest of the top Nazi leadership all moved to Argentina living a good life until they finally died. Even Dr Mengele travelled to and fro between Argentina and the US due to his involvement teaching MK Ultra and other inhumane experiments at the CIA.
        The CIA itself is also the Vatican’s spy agency among other purposes.

        I’ll stop her to prevent me from making this a too long reply and this brings me to the COVID subject.

        The infiltration of these Nazis and others from the Mossad together with the communists already present in the US and their political party aka democrats and the Neocons were laying the groundwork for the (N) World Order.
        The 2016 loss of their champion HRC that year caused a panic throughout the global elite and the planners of the takeover of all nations and people. The election of president Trump not only began the road to save this republic from all these invisible plotters but also the attempt to destroy this president who stood between these maniac and psychopathic likes of the Bill Gates, WHO, CDC, CCP, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley and the rest. Together with the democrats and host of republican they agreed to the plan this COVID and subsequent destruction of a booming economy. The CCP paid billions of dollars to European government, Australia and NZ among others to shut down their economies/lockdowns etc.. Not shy from selling out Americans democrats, republican also accepted millions in cash by the CCP to assist in the destruction of the presidency and all that was good for everyday life in America. Small businesses, schools, churches, lock downs and forced all to wear masks ergo the tyranny took hold – in democrat run states. So began crimes against humanity.

        Bill Gates the psychopath and hater of people not on ‘his’ level always planned de-population of this earth. The elites planned on the elimination of more than 6 billion people – setting the number of the world population to 500 million – their desired goal. You can also read this on the Ted Turner’s Guide Stones located in Georgia.

        Meanwhile the recent feature in Time magazine was “The Reset” that described their plan to finally usher in the enslavement of the worlds population. The article was so deceptive using flowery words while pretending to care about the worlds population.
        Looking up the info on the UN website – you’ll find the details such as ‘universal income, all debt forgiveness, government healthcare, prosperity and more.

        Here is where the COVID subject comes into place because everything we are experiencing is all based on their concoction to instill fear into people and forcing all to wear masks and house arrest. They don’t care about the hopelessness and psychological damages on young children, elderly and rest of population.

        This COVID was the instrument used to diabolically begin the process forcing the world populations into their long planned (N)-World Order. They hope that creating the planned food shortages and everything in between like job and income losses would force all to capitulate to these psychopaths begging for help.

        Let’s not forget the Gates plan of vaccines and forced digital ID – Agenda21 and Agenda30. Refusing to bow down and be vaccinated and chipped will get one into the many FEMA camps. Remember Operation ‘Jade Helm’ during the obama admin?
        Anyone in these long ago prepped camps across the US continued refusal of the vaccine and chip will end in a death sentence. For others it will prevent employment, shopping, this universal income and property confiscation. There is more and can be found on their UN website, Gates website, Soros and Kissinger’s websites.
        Also included is the reason why abortion became the new normal because Bill Gates’ father was heavily involved and lodges at PP together with Margaret Sanger.

        Once again as I’ve said: The future (now) proves past (their plan from long ago). Now we are living it and today is the most important day for humanity: The 2020 election:

        The re-election of president Trump is a must because if Biden wins – the global order and (N)WO club springs into actions. The riots are all part of that as well as the divisions of citizens. Biden is already wholly owned by the CCP and agents at (N)WO HQ. Chinese troops are stationed at the border in Canada and WA as well as Laredo/TX.

        If president Trump wins all heck will break lose as planned. He is the one man whom all the powers that be hate and want to remove so they get their ‘Reset” and enslave mankind. Of course there is one waiting in the wings to make an entry as the beast while we all become branded cattle. The vaccine’s ingredients are human and animal DNA, Nano particles as well as aborted fetal tissue among other.
        The vaccination’s damage is irreversible and changes each person and turning them into automatons. At least three times the vaccination shots are repeated throughout each year.

        The choice to know is yours!

  5. Barbara,

    But there is an earthly reason to think you’re Ted. Your previous response begins with the word “Ted” followed by “My dear Richard.” Just look at it.

    I’m amazed that you think I made any demand. I don’t actually expect you to do anything, nor am I the least upset. When and if you have the time, I’d appreciate hearing evidence of Gates’s connection with this scam, but there’s no rush. You rather easily divert yourself with imagining my unreasonable demand. Just calm down and, when you have time and if you’re of a mind to, please give me something substantive.


    1. Barbara, I want to leave my thanks to you here. I’m sure you’re no stranger to trolls (although it is sickening to have to encounter them) but for those who can still use their brains for something besides a hat rack, thank you for great information.

    1. Barbara, I want to leave my thanks to you here. I’m sure you’re no stranger to trolls (although it is sickening to have to encounter them) but for those who can still use their brains for something besides a hat rack, thank you for great information.

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