The National Council of (Trans)women NZ: Working Towards the Disempowerment of Women

The trend is for organisations whose theoretical brief is wholly or partially the support of women, to actually prioritise the interests of biological men over women, where those interests are in conflict.  A salient example is the National Council of Women NZ (NCWNZ), which describes itself as ‘an umbrella organisation working towards true gender equality in Aotearoa New Zealand’.

Last year the National Council of Women first invited me to participate in a mayoral debate for women candidates then deplatformed me, writing in an email:

‘NCWNZ is an organisation which aims to empower all women – this includes trans women, disabled and uncompromising women, women of colour, Black and Indigenous women, and the rainbow community. Our team has been made aware of statements that you have made publicly which do not align with NCWNZ’s views.’

‘In order to guarantee the safety of our members and wider attendees of Annual Women’s Debate 2022, we have made the decision to uninvite you from the panel. We cannot justifiably provide a platform for the views we’ve seen you support, whilst simultaneously fostering a safe and inclusive environment for the communities we aim to protect and represent.’

The NZWNZ has failed to reply to requests for clarification.  However, given the preeminence given to ‘trans women’, reinforced by a separate reference to the ‘rainbow’ community, it would seem that the issue of concern was my ‘views’ relating to transgender.  This could be based on my opposition to the Ministry of Education’s genderisation policy, which unashamedly and relentlessly forces young children to question their gender.

Cancel Culture

The NCWNZ would not of course have been providing a platform for my alleged views on transgender extremism, unless they had chosen to make transgenderism the focus of their debate.

Note that the issue was my ‘views’.  The actions of the National Council of Women are a classic example of cancel culture. Anyone who has the temerity to express, no matter how objectively, different views to the woke ideology promoted by the government and the media, must be negated and denied access to any platform, regardless of topic.

Never mind that I was standing on a platform of fiscal responsibility, democracy and transparency, transport and parking, and private property rights.  My right as a woman and a citizen to promote these policies, and myself for that matter, was cancelled. All of these issues affect women.  Elderly women have approached me with their concerns about parking, e.g. outside the Thorndon Eye Clinic.   Forcing them to pay for a taxi is not only an expense, it is disempowering them.  However the disempowerment of women is what the fake National Council of Women is all about.

Forget that stuff about ‘hate speech’, at least as we know it.  Hate speech is a general category which includes expression of racism, homophobia etc. One definition could be: negative, highly emotive and often inaccurate generalisations, perhaps used to target individuals.  This type of hate speech is now acceptable: take Marama Davidson and her tirades against CIS white men and white supremacy (the Auckland ‘Vigil’ in the wake of the Christchurch shooting saw Muslim families walking out, after the event was hijacked by the likes of Marama Davidson who ranted about white supremacy and colonialism.)  Verbal and physical violence are acceptable, as long as they conform to woke ideology: ‘stomp terfs’; ‘suck my trans dick’ attract no condemnation from the so-called ‘mainstream media’, or organisations like NZWNZ.

‘Trans women are women’: cancelling women in the name of feminism

‘The National Council of Women of New Zealand supports the rights of transgender women to access services as women – including women’s gyms and other spaces – because trans women are women’, NCWNZ: Feminism and trans rights must go hand-in-hand.

Woke ideology is that a man has to do little more than say ‘I identify as a woman’, and he is.  Thus after three years as a male swimmer in events organised by the US’s National Collegiate Athletic Association, and a period of hormone treatment, the ‘transitioned’ Lia Thomas was eligible to take part in women’s events. This means he can deprive women of deserved success, due to the biological advantages from developing as a male,  and use their changing rooms, with the full support of ‘women’s’ groups like NCWNZ:

‘We were not forewarned beforehand that we would be sharing a locker room with Lia. We did not give our consent, they did not ask for our consent, but in that locker room we turned around and there’s a 6-foot-4 biological man dropping his pants and watching us undress, and we were exposed to male genitalia’, Riley Gaines.

NCWNZ’s mission statement is  ‘Making Gender Equality a Reality:  Old ideas about gender roles are limiting all of us.’  Of course trans activism is actually all about reinforcing gender roles: a boy who likes sewing, or a girl who likes playing with trucks, is supposed to reconsider their gender.  Gender stereotypes are an essential part of the Ministry of Education transition grooming programme.

Who represents the rainbow community?

Last year I was approached by a woman who decribed herself as a lesbian concerned about the trend to erase women’s rights. I replied thus:

‘In my time I have campaigned for homosexual law reform (at branch and national conference level as a member of the Labour Party), civil unions etc. However I totally oppose biological men being able to use women’s spaces or taking part in women’s sport.

‘We [mayoral candidates] have been asked to speak to a “rainbow” group.  I was really looking forward to it, but a look at their website indicates that they are very strong on gender self id.  I expressed concern about whether I would be treated with respect, and as a result I recently met with their very personable chairperson.  It became clear that:

  • His intolerance for alternative views was absolute
  • His callous indifference to the rights and welfare of women and children was absolute
  • He promoted gender stereotypes
  • He denied that the SexEd curriculum sexualised little children and bullied them into feeling insecure about their gender, while at the same time making it clear he supported such programmes
  • His position was that my concern for the welfare of women and children was transphobic, on a level equivalent to my abusing or insulting a transgender person.

I chose not to attend the debate, a decision which looks wise in hindsight given the increase in violence from trans activists (transgender or not).

Extremist groups like this do not represent all the rainbow community.  There is an increasing trend internationally for groups representing lesbians, gay men and bisexuals to form and disassociate themselves from trans activism, such as the LGB Alliance:

‘We recognise that sex is binary, female and male, and that (for the vast majority of people) sex is determined at conception, observed at birth (or in utero), and recorded. We reject the co-opting of rare medical Differences in Sexual Development (DSDs/intersex conditions) in order to cast doubt on the binary nature of sex […].  We stand with lesbians in rejecting pressure to accept as sexual partners, or admit into lesbian spaces, males who define themselves as women. We stand with gay men in rejecting pressure to accept as sexual partners, or admit into gay men’s spaces, females who define themselves as men.’

and Gays Against Groomers:

‘We are a coalition of gays against the sexualization, indoctrination and medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQIA+. ‘

New Zealand sport abandons women

New Zealand has been at the forefront in terms of policies to replace women with biological men in the sporting field.   In 2021 the New Zealand Olympic Committee announced the addition of ‘transwoman’ Laurel Hubbard to the national women’s team, making her the first transgender athlete to participate in the Olympics.

Sports NZ likewise has an ‘inclusiveness’ policy. which makes the nonsense claim that this will ensure that everyone, including women, will feel comfortable:

 ‘We are encouraging sport and physical activity to be provided in an inclusive way that ensures that everyone is able to, and feels comfortable, undertaking physical activity. An inclusive approach allows transgender individuals to take part in their self-determined gender and not the sex they were assigned at birth. It does not ask people to prove or otherwise justify their gender, sex or gender identity.’

However World Athletics has recently banned transgender women from competing in female world ranking events.  New Zealand organisations, from the National Council of Women NZ to the NZ Olympic Committee, are going to be in a difficult place as more and more international bodies ban biological men from competing in women’s events.

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  1. Superb, Barbara.
    The very notion of transforming to the other sex is unbiological and odious. Sex is eternally part of pregnancy. A “trans” woman can’t get pregnant, so he can’t be a woman. Biological reality.

    1. The vast majority of the population have XX or XY chromosomes and corresponding genitalia. Most of these, if XX prefer a sexual relationship with an XY person, and the reverse. This is normal, the predominant state of affairs. However a minority prefer a sexual relationship with a member of their own sex. This is to be expected. It occurs throughout the mammalian world. There is a tiny minority with XXY or XYY chromosomes with male or female external genitalia whose sexual preferences may be for one or the other. In which orifice a male wishes to insert his penis is a matter of choice. Similarly it is a matter of choice for the biological female. But none of this is a matter for government intervention

  2. Yip the govt in its madness has cancelled science.
    And as you say its a good thing is not everyone has fallen for the identity politics game ( or other absurd mind programs on the agenda).
    Its only in the media propagandaville where human beings that are men ( their biological sex) can run around telling people they are a woman (and the voice of woman) .
    Its totally nuts in the Govt’s media metaverse.

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