The Confessions of Barbara McKenzie

The Victoria University of Wellington Students Association (VUWSA) recently issued a defamatory press statement to the effect that they were ‘uninviting’ me from their mayoral debate, due to my ‘racist and transphobic views’, while also being concerned about the danger of students being infected with Covid scepticism (or any scepticism, one suspects). 

‘The views that Barbara McKenzie brings encroach upon the safety of all of our students and staff here on campus. Her spread of misinformation, disinformation and mal-information around COVID-19 and vaccinations, as well as her racist and transphobic comments, are dangerous and harmful.’

No evidence was provided of ‘racist and transphobic comments’, and VUWSA has not replied to my inquiry for details, but it is apparent that such charges are based solely on my political views, not on any offensive wording.

Clearly the statement from VUWSA, and subsequent attention from the media, will make me the target of hate from ideologues, the disaffected and the bored; in short the world has become a more dangerous place.  The issue is therefore relevant to the mayoral campaign.   In the interest of transparency:

I confess to the following

I confess to a reluctance to speak on any issue without studying it carefully.

I confess that I adamantly oppose NZ’s abusive school programme, which bullies small children into feeling insecure about their gender (Imagine waking up one morning and discovering that your gender has changed), seeks to create racial hatred through critical race theory, and lies about the demographic status of polar bears.

I confess that I oppose allowing men who’ve declared that they’re women to ruin women’s sport.

I confess to being disgusted by the spiteful shaming by Wellington City Council of a pro-women’s group, by lighting up in rainbow colours the venue where they were holding a public meeting.

I confess that I oppose WCC’s undemocratic policy of progressing towards co-governance without input from voters.

As someone with knowledge of many languages and who has travelled widely, I confess to being totally mystified by the policy, unique to New Zealand, of promoting the Maori language by consciously and artificially hybridising English.

On 29 March 2020 Ashleigh Bloomfield told a press conference that ‘As we have seen around the world, Covid-19 CAN be a deadly disease – particularly for older people, and those with underlying pre-existing health issues’, a description echoed by Jacinda Ardern and others.  I confess to scepticism that such a disease justifies measures that impact severely and in multiple ways on the economy, jobs and businesses, the health system, human rights and children’s welfare, or justifies the ostracism of vaccine refusers.

In 2010 Glaxo Smith Kline pulled its Swine Flu Vaccine after a few month because of the injuries.   I confess to agreeing with GSK, many health professionals, and the facts of science, that vaccines are not always safe, effective and justified, and thus are open to scrutiny.  I maintain that denial of this fact is anti-intellectual cultism.

I confess to being gobsmacked by the wacky conspiracy theory, developed by Stuff and promoted by other media, that the bunch of women who ruled the Freedom Village at Parliament with a rod of iron and kept it immaculate, are somehow involved in plotting violent revolution.

I confess to opposing NZ and Wellington’s Zero Carbon by 2050 policy, given that: costs for NZ are estimated to exceed $550 billion, and assume huge sacrifices in terms of our economy, environment and quality of life; it will achieve nothing in view of the coal-fired power stations being built in Asia and elsewhere, and global activity generally; and Rod Carr has admitted that the Climate Commission has no convincing evidence that CO2 causes dangerous global warming other than a touching faith in the (debunked) ‘consensus of climate scientists’.

I confess to believing that WCC’s Significant Natural Area policy of expanding the city’s reserves at the expense of private land (regardless of significance) signifies an intention to expand the city’s reserves at the expense of private land.

I confess to be deeply concerned at the division and hatred created by pandering to the demands of the extremist elements of minority groups.  While minorities may benefit from measures that favour them, overall it makes the world a less safe place for them.  Virtue-signalers love the division; I hate it.

I confess to a suspicion that what VUWSA and other players find dangerous is dissent backed by facts and rational argument.

It will be up to courts, and the voters, to decide whether any of these sins amount to racism or transphobia.

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31 thoughts on “The Confessions of Barbara McKenzie

  1. Democracy at its ‘finest’ Barbara. Just shut down everybody who will not follow the official narrative. Thank you for telling it like it is… for calling out the ‘King’s new clothes’.

  2. Barbara,

    I applaud your exquisite ‘confession’ – finely worded, nicely weighted and logically cohesive. Scoop have failed to publish my subsequent comment addressed to themselves but, again, my best wishes in your continuing robust campaign. You seem to have much support.

  3. An amazing letter. Easy to see why she is being shut down. Barbara has been attacked by the loony left. The universities have gone whacko on many fronts and issues. I wish Barbara well in her campaign.

  4. I hope you succeed,bring this self entitled government down,stop the bullies hiding behind government rhetoric of lies..

  5. In 2022 freedom of speech has to be ” confessed”.
    Honestly the elephant in the room is collective insanity.
    The media’s one narrative is a self destructive language, totally mad.
    I liken the media metaverse to “upsidedown world “.
    Where attack and fear is the currency.

  6. We have been led by knee jerk emotions, but only when we get down to the truth and real science of things with mature debate will we find our way out of our current dilemmas.

  7. Good on you I think you should go and see Sue Grey, she needs help to change our country for the better.

    1. Sue Grey lawyer is an agent of the Crown as you can see if you look closely at what she does, ie deliberately munting legal test cases.
      Sue Grey is controlled opposition.
      The Pfizer human GMO trial does not come under the Medicine Act.
      (She failed to even ask govt for “proof of threat” in the matter of convid19.)

      1. I’ll have another look at the cases. That’s a good point about the importance of questioning the degree of threat. It was disappointing that the judges have been able to say, “oh but this is special situation, and no measures are too extreme, or too unlawful”.

        My own reservations about the Outdoor Party have been to do with ambiguity regarding cogovernance.

  8. Great to see there are some straight shooters left who are not afraid to say what 99% of Kiwis think!

  9. I don’t suppose you would like to be prime minister would you. Imagine that. Some one to lead the country that see’s and speaks the truth .

  10. Well done, Barbara. Great bravery and clear minded common sense. You have more support than you realise. If only Wellington was not full of Labour appointed bureaucrats reliant on bloated budgets and crackpot theories on catastrophic global warming.

  11. Tell me please why hasn’t the Governor General intervened on behalf of the people to protect us from the Government who have changed NZ from an enjoyable lifestyle democracy to a bullied, brainwashed, frightened population, too scared to offer an opinion for fear of being judged harshly by others?

  12. I am of the opinion that you are a humble wonderful human who see through all the BS in the world , thanks for caring enough to put yourself out there !

  13. Well done Barbara Mckenzie you have hit the bullseye and I believe 80% of Kiwis
    will endorse the fair and rational views you express. Thank you for having the courage to speak out.

  14. I confess that I agree with you on all counts Barbara… good on you for expressing a rational point of view

  15. Unfortunately no is more hated than they who speak the truth. It is also true that no one is more appreciated than they who have the courage to tell the truth.

    1. This is a good point at which to thank you, Phil, and everyone else, who have come out in sympathy with the concerns I am expressing – both the understanding and the expression of it are appreciated.

  16. Re Scamdemic
    Media have never covered the latest from CDC on August 11th
    That natural immunity works
    Two years of unjabbed being persecuted.
    Silence from MOH and Govt is deafening
    CDC has backflipped bigtime
    …no social distancing
    ..stop some sanctions and mandates
    ..etc etc

  17. At Wellington Scoop, I left this comment under “Barbara McKenzie concerned she will be ‘target of hate’ after VUWSA statement”. It wasn’t published by Scoop but her supporters may like to see it.

    My friend Barbara McKenzie, bravely putting herself forward for the Wellington Mayoralty when few these days dare contribute to public office, deeply appreciates the support she’s received from friends and strangers alike. But, kind soul that she is, she’s reluctant to take to task some of the anonymous cretins who air their flaccid, noxious views in public.

    I’m not.

    @Confused Bob admits that when German literature is mentioned the first thing he can think of is Hitler’s Mein Kampf. But in trying somehow to tar Barbara with that most repugnant of unsavoury brushes he just broadcasts his intellectual poverty.

    @A Non, on the other hand, has a vivid imagination, for, without a single word of evidence, he imagines Barbara “targets a vulnerable group”. But he tries not at all to verify the accusations before joining in. “Horrific” he calls them, without knowing what they are. But he should. Can’t he see the dangers in that?

    @Mickey Mouse is clearly a moron, but I can assure you, Mick, that not only does Barbara want your vote, she also doesn’t consider you a moron (she’s a thoroughly decent person). There are any number of practical reasons why you might not have received her pamphlet (have you ever tried to distribute expensive leaflets to thousands of letterboxes?) but that she doesn’t want your expensive vote is not among them. Moron.

    1. Thank you Richard, and everyone else! Interesting that the one negative comment here was so abusive I decided to delete it, and moreover that he too made the connection between all things German and Adolf Hitler. Racist smears of this nature are OK, now? The comments on the Scoop post are pretty, umm, downmarket, but I did reply to @Confused Bob pointing out that my PhD was on a work by the Jewish writer Franz Kafka. I’m afraid I exploited the opportunities for sarcasm, so my reply probably won’t be published either!

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