Alex Hills: Dear Nicky Hager … You may now be part of the ‘Old Guard’!

Journalist Nicky Hager is best known for his book on ‘Dirty Politics’, targeting the National Party in the run up to the 2014 election.  He recently published a diatribe smearing not only opponents of the Labour government, its ‘covid response’ and the covid vaccine, but also critics of  the mainstream media and the United Nations.   The article is a fascinating example of the use of ad hominem to undermine dissent and the telling of truth to power.

‘When people I know march down the road with white supremacists, Trump supporters, fundamentalist Christians, people who are pro-guns, anti-UN, anti-immigrant and anti-Jewish, people who believe a powerful “them” want to kill millions and enslave the earth, things have got totally out of hand.’ (Nicky Hager: My Message to Friends Who Joined This Week’s Protest)

What follows is an open letter to Nicky Hager from Alex Hills, founder of Candles4Assange and co-founder of FreeAssangeNZ.  (Her views do not necessarily represent those of this blog)


Dear Nicky Hager 

I thank you for your LED candles donated to ‘Candles4Assange’ / ‘FreeAssangeNZ’ and your amazing work on the open letter for Julian from 1,500 Journalists worldwide.  I have a lot of respect for your past investigative journalism, humanitarian efforts and work redacting documents for Wikileaks. 

However I must ask you to CEASE AND DESIST labelling protestors; ‘anti-vax’, ‘white supremacists’ and ‘fundamentalist christians’.  It smacks of desperation.

2021 seems to have brought about a kind of ‘changing of the guard’ in media when it comes to integrity and reporting of truth.  The ‘old guard’ self-censor to retain their ‘reputation’.  They give institutions the benefit of the doubt.  They even applaud the censorship and smears from time to time, all the while, becoming more and more out of touch from ‘we the people’.  After all, we have just witnessed Noam Chomsky, not only endorsing dementia-ridden war-criminal-candidate Biden, but now manufacturing consent for global mandates of a novel medical therapy and segregating society accordingly!  At the same time we have seen ‘Rage against the Machine’ literally roll over and push the establishment narrative.  This has led some to believe the ‘vaccines’  are more ‘effective’ than we could EVER have imagined!

Most of those Wellington protestors would not have the slightest inkling about any churches involvement.  If, instead of parroting what Associated Press ‘stenographers’ were reporting, you had witnessed the action first hand, you would have seen that crowd included disenfranchised mums, dads, midwives, doctors, nurses, scientists, artists, musicians and professionals from all walks of life as well as Iwi groups and a united front from gangs across the country.  This is unprecedented.  Surely these people should not be written off or labelled as the TV instructs?

They were from across the political spectrum, with different spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs, school-leaver through to PhD level education – an incredibly diverse bunch of people and far from New Zealand media’s ’chatter’ on this topic, they were full of love and concern for their family & fellow citizens.  Not hate.  Certainly not racism.  You, more than most, should be aware of how media misrepresents those who speak the truth.  The few Nazi symbols seen on signs at the protest were directed at the New Zealand Government’s policy of segregation, discrimination and medical apartheid.  Nothing to do with the beliefs of the 20k-strong crowd.

‘In times of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

I am afraid to inform you, this indeed, is one of those times in history.  We are witnessing what it is like when journalists are too frightened to report the truth.

My mother, a journalist who had interviewed Churchill in her twenties, died last week, following a stroke which happened to occur after the 2nd jab.  She was put on a euthanasia drug, which however may have been appropriate in her case, since she had suffered dementia the last twenty-two years.  All the same, I did not get asked permission for any of these medical measures taken, despite being her power of attorney.  This was especially painful to me, since I am aware these drugs are also part of the new pandemic NIH hospital protocol that the world is currently following blindly.  This not only involves sending people home without treatment to ‘self-isolate’, when they inevitably become poorly, but also, patients are intubated onto ventilators and are eventually given these damaging-yet ‘approved’ covid drugs, and all the while hospital managers are reaping the incentives for these measures to be carried out.

You label the protesters as ‘anti-vaxxers’.  ‘Anti-vax’ is a pejorative slur similar to ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ which we know is used to dispose of informed opinion and facts that people do not wish to hear.  Many of the people in the protest are not ‘Anti-Vaccine’, as they and their families have accepted traditional vaccines in the past.

Have you looked into the dramatic, recent change in the definition of ‘vaccine’?  Eg. Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary:

I and many others have accessed scientific research from public web platforms which has informed us about the many downsides of mRNA gene therapy.  We recognise the dangers of surveillance capitalism: ‘ID 2020’ and the ‘Internet of Things’, along with the issues in fast-tracking and injecting the global population with a novel mRNA gene therapy injectable.

We need to stop dismissing people as ‘racist’ or ‘white supremacist’ just because that is convenient for our party politics.  This is NZ.  Proudly anti-racist.  Those are labels think-tanks and paid ‘trolls’ use to discredit anything other than government narrative.  The freedom groups are cosmopolitan and inclusive, they are not racially based.  The crowds are a beautiful mix of races, sexes, ages and cultures – people from all walks of life – willing to question the BigPharma PR-cesspit our media has become.  Perhaps the government has a handful of genuine ‘white supremacists’ they are presumably watching, but how on earth could anyone witnessing the protest last Tuesday make the assumption it was full of white supremacists?

You call them ‘Trump supporters’, but truth is, the vast majority of these people have done enough research to uncover Trump not only rushed the vaccines through #OperationWarpSpeed, his executive orders allowed a police state to flourish, set precedent for military control of medical services, allowed bigtech corruption to thrive unchecked and lifted the gain-of-function research ban Obama had put in place, all while the establishment continues to short-out the globe’s health service and economic system from under our feet.  I don’t wish to make liberal heads ‘explode’, but he pushes the vaccine proudly to this day!  Most of the people in this protest would have long-ago transcended kindergarten playground-style party politics.  Certainly not supporting any of the current poor-excuses for ‘representation’ we have right now in this country.

You label them ignorant extremists, however the sources they were listening to in independent reader-funded media were reporting lab-leaks, gain-of-function research, vaccine passes and the shorting-out of the health and economic system as early as April 2020.  This led to their preferred news sources being censored, mocked and demonetized only to later discover that same news gradually seeping out into mainstream talking points TWO YEARS LATER!  The psychological operation known as ‘QAnon’, neuters and discredits dissent and I imagine couldn’t be further from this crowd’s mind.  This, along with the unhinged legacy media psychological operation, mean the truth is now largely missing from Google platforms.  The polarisation and division we are seeing now is the direct result of the interplay between two highly contradicting narratives and is by design.

What is the difference between conspiracy and fact? …About six months”

You call protestors ‘climate deniers’ but climate / green activists have gone along with the legacy media narrative which directs their action into punching down and laying guilt on the people, introducing useless 0.01% enriching ponzi-schemes like carbon tax, instead of directing the efforts where they are really needed to improve the environment (eg. target the polluting corporations, banks, military, oil companies and monopolies raping this earth right now, such as  ie. PUNCH UP!).  They have no interest in self-sufficient people producing power, food and building with low toxic materials.  Hell!  I should know, I taught Agenda 21 ‘values’ as a Sustainable Architecture Lecturer at Victoria University Wellington (as well as in UK and Australia), but after 4 years near full time on the front line of this propaganda battle fighting for free press, you can not avoid but see the wider eugenics / technocracy agenda at play.  Sadly academics are given precisely the ‘carrot’ and ‘blinkered-narrative’ they need, to go along with the madness.  If they see the de-humanising part of the agenda, they put it down to being for the ‘wider good’, yet don’t have a clue they are building their own prison (as well as ours!).

You call protestors anti-UN, but like many Brexiters, they are all too aware of the unelected power structures which need to be resisted, who are engaging in disaster capitalism at biblical levels with the ultimate aim of a global technocracy. That is the New World Order with lipstick on, also known as: ‘Build Back Better’; ‘The Great Reset’; ‘4th Industrial Revolution‘; ‘Bio-security State’; ‘biological-digital convergence’; and ‘The Panopticon’. A cursory glance at materials relating to agenda 21 / 2030 will make the transhumanist agenda crystal clear.

You complain they refer to media as the ‘enemy of normal people’, yet you know these same media voices have lied us into EVERY war for many decades and at this point, have the blood of millions on their hands.  In the current crisis they have suppressed and mocked effective patent-free nobel prize-winning antiviral treatments, deleted or discounted victim testimonies, and ‘disappeared’ whole careers of doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, virologists, nobel laureates, academics and even the inventors of the technology being rolled out globally? It doesn’t matter whether they are from Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Lancet, British Medical Journal, Nature etc. Speaking out is being rewarded by being smeared, struck-off and/or deleted from history.

The evidence of eugenics agendas at play right now globally NEEDS CALLING OUT. We are now suffering from the intellectual descendants of those Nazi scientists the UK & US rescued in ‘Operation Paperclip’.

To claim legacy media has any integrity in 2021 requires a SPECIAL level of brainwashing.

Perhaps you could look into the government / military / intelligence-linked organisations like NUDGE / SAGE that weaponise Applied Behavioural Psychology & Neuro-linguistic Programming (the receipts are there if you dare look).  Why not read the SPARS document, Lockstep 2010 or watch Event 201 to see these agendas planned ahead in FINE DETAIL. How ethical is it for the government to bypass consent, by use of messaging to induce fear, to drive the behaviours of the population?

You talk about fundamental Christians, as though spiritual beliefs are disallowed in 2021? Have you not witnessed the media’s last TWENTY years of islamophobia (while behind closed doors our own leaders support & deploy these extremists themselves? – see Kiwi-trained ‘White Helmets’ for instance?).  How are you enjoying the Russia / China xenophobia we are seeing right now? Is it helping?

We are a global family suffering under the same globalist tyrants & psychopaths. As a former atheist I too, used to mock and sneer those who spoke about their religion or spirituality. I was misdirecting my anger at organised religion, that barely anyone could defend following the billions paid out in abuse-hush money & the clear link with war criminals, blackmail and psychopaths in power.  Most people, even those previously secular, are recognising we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil right now. 

I’ll give you this, perhaps some people in that crowd have it wrong.  Maybe ‘Communism’ isn’t the right term.   They may be wrong to focus so much on China or have hope for a puppet like Trump, but their dislike for Jacinda Ardern and her policies of: segregation; discrimination; removal of habeus corpus; wanton censorship; and her past record as senior policy advisor to Tony Blair while he was committing his worst war crimes, is entirely justified. It should turn ANY person’s blood COLD and cause them to question ‘the single source of truth’.

Back in the eighties my mother tried to explain how I would be able to get a little closer to the truth by, say, reading between the lines about a certain topic in the Guardian (traditional left) and then reading the same topic in the Independent (traditional right).  This was good advice in the eighties.  It largely worked.  But that advice today, would be utterly meaningless when these media mouthpieces are run by a combination of CIA, Mi6 (integrity initiative), bigtech, think-tanks and Bill Gates et. al.

Six corporations control the entirety of legacy media…  Yes, I’m afraid that includes ABC Australia and RNZ, whose journalists seem to have problems spelling ‘Assangelet alone covering the case properly!  These institutions died a while back along with the censorship drive, arguably many years before that in #OperationPaperclip.

How any self-respecting Assange supporter (or indeed any serious journalist) could be so blind to the authoritarian, fascist, global government rolling in right now, is a mystery to me.  Could the rarefied air in Roseneath be far, far above the concerns of ordinary people?

Alex Hills, B.Sc Dip.Arch Dip.EEB MBSc ARB(uk) LBP(nz), Founder Candles4Assange, Co-founder FreeAssangeNZ






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  1. “You complain they refer to media as the ‘enemy of normal people’”

    Another lie that seems to have taken hold on the left. The exact quote very specifically referred to media outlets that promulgate “fake news”.

    Interesting that she never addresses “pro-gun” as being one of the issues with his characterization. Maybe she also thinks that Americans are excessively pro-gun or maybe there were just too many ad hominems in the original article to talk about them all. Or maybe she just ignored it because “what the h does that have to do with anything?” It would be another interesting question to look into how many people think that the global government is running amok but thinks that Americans are nutty about their guns. Wonder how they think they will stop the running.

    Good take on “anti-UN” although she very quickly seems to spiral into the globalist conspiracy part that Mike Myers so brilliantly skewered in So I Married An Axe Murderer. “The Queen, the Pope, the Rothschilds, the Gettys, and Colonel Sanders. He puts a chemical in his chicken that makes you crave it fortnightly. I hate him and his wee beady eyes. Oh, buy my chicken!”

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