Letter to NZ MPs: The COVID-19 Scare and Mass Vaccinations Must Stop Now – They Cannot Be Justified

John Scarry, BE (Hons), ME, is a New Zealand structural engineer.  This is a letter he sent to New Zealand Members of Parliament on 20 July 2021.  So far he has received no reply, aside from a message from the office of Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson, which said that because it fell into the portfolio of  Minister of Health Chris Hipkins, they were forwarding the e-mail to Hipkins’ office.

Dear Member of Parliament,

1.  The irrefutable facts are that the risk of death and serious injury from COVID-19 vaccines and the ongoing irrational response to COVID-19 are far worse than the illness itself.  The vaccinations must stop now, or horrific more harm will be done.

This is especially so for people under 70 who do not have serious pre-existing conditions, and most especially for young people and children.

Last week in the US, according to the government run Centre for Disease Control (CDC), more people died from the COVID vaccines than from COVID itself.  Enough said – the vaccinations must stop immediately.

These vaccines have not been tested, and the only available credible information regarding them is that they must not be administered – the real and potential risks outweigh any possible good.

These vaccines have not been tested, and the only available credible information regarding them is that they must not be administered – the real and potential risks outweigh any possible good.

Please read the accompanying letter to the New South Wales Minister for Health for information additional to that contained in this e-mail, and for detailed references.  [Unable to link, ed.]

2.  As of this week, the official US CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) stated that 9125 people in the US had died from the COVID-19 vaccines.  This is after about five months of widespread vaccination.  On a pro-rata population basis, this means that in the first five months of widespread vaccination in NZ, 140 people can be expected to die from the COVID-19 vaccine, over 5 times the official number of deaths from COVID-19.  On that basis alone, the vaccinations must stop, now.

3.  The VAERS scheme is known to significantly under-record the actual number of deaths from a vaccine, and the actual number of COVID-19 vaccine induced US deaths is likely over 90,000 so far.  In addition, there have been hundreds of thousands of adverse reactions, many very serious, including a very high rate of spontaneous abortion in pregnant women injected within the first tri-mester.  The New England Journal of Medicine has just published the results of a study into the COVID-19 vaccination of pregnant women.  Of 127 women who were vaccinated in the first trimester or the early part of the second trimester, 104 suffered spontaneous abortions before the pregnancy reached the 20 week mark.  That is an 82% spontaneous abortion rateThe vaccinations must stop now, and all orders and pressure and coercion to force people to get vaccinated must stop now.

In Europe, the official COVID-19 vaccine figures are 10,784 deaths and 1,353,292 injuries, many serious, to 19 June 2021.  [As of 3 July 2021, these totals appear to have risen to 17,503 deaths and 1,687,527 injuries].

Ongoing vaccination cannot be justified on any scientific or humanitarian ground, in any country.

4.  The figure below shows the annual number of deaths in the US caused by all vaccines according to VAERS.  It can be seen that deaths so far this year from the COVID-19 vaccines exceed by far the total number of deaths from all other vaccines combined over the last 31 years.

Previously, vaccines have been withdrawn once 50 deaths were recorded by VAERS.  Why have the COVID-19 vaccines not been withdrawn, given that they have killed nearly 10,000 people in the US so far, and given that the risk of death from COVID-19 in healthy people is very, very low, and given that there are excellent and effective therapeutics available?

Note that, as explained below, the worst effects from the COVID-19 vaccines will take several months if not up to 2 years to develop in most people, so the problem with the vaccines is much worse than the already appalling situation shown in this figure.

5.  Why have the Prime Minister, Mr Hipkins and, for National, Mr Bishop, not been telling the public of the deaths and severe adverse reactions the vaccines have been proven to cause already?  Why hasn’t the ‘mainstream’ news media?

6.  Despite the official silence, secrecy and suppression, some estimates already put the COVID-19 vaccine death toll in NZ at greater than the (inflated) official COVID-19 death toll of 26.  Given that excellent effective therapeutics are available, the vaccinations must stop now.

7.  As a result of e-mails released under a Freedom of Information Act request, it has been proven beyond all doubt that COVID-19 was genetically engineered in the Wuhan Lab, part-funded by money directed there for illegal gain of function research by Anthony Fauci.

Anthony Fauci has therefore committed crimes against humanity, on multiple levels.  Why has the NZ Government and Opposition not demanded his immediate imprisonment and trial for these crimes?  Not only does he lie all the time, he changes his lies minute by minute.  Why are his demands for masking and now forced injection with lethal vaccines given any credibility?  Why is not getting shot up with a dangerous ‘vaccine’ being treated as a crime, yet Fauci is treated as an authority who must be obeyed?

What sanctions do the Government and Opposition propose to demand against Communist China, and what reparations will be demanded, given Communist China’s clear crimes against humanity in regard to the creation and release of this (admittedly rather mild) bio-weapon?

8.  Despite appalling mis-management, deliberate infection of the elderly in many US states, numerous ‘false positives’ and the suppression of effective therapeutics, COVID-19 has been proven to be, overall, no worse than seasonal flu.

Even with the deliberate infection of elderly people in US nursing homes, the suppression of effective therapeutics, appalling forced ventilation ‘treatments’, the classification of any flu or pneumonia case as COVID-19, numerous false positives from PCR tests run at 40 cycles, and the death of any person even suspected of recently having had COVID-19 as being recorded as a ‘COVID death’, the total true global infection fatality rate (IFR) is now estimated to be 0.15%.  For people under 70 the IFR is 0.05% and for younger people, the IFR is even tinier.  The overwhelming majority of the population, especially those who are under 70, are at virtually no risk of death or even serious illness from COVID-19, unless the person has serious pre-existing comorbidities, especially obesity, severe respiratory illness or heart disease.  Many people who are truly infected with COVID-19 don’t even know it, and develop no symptoms.  In other words, except for the very old, a person has to be very ill already for COVID-19 to be a danger, and that is allowing for the continued suppression of very effective therapeutics.

COVID-19 has a steep age gradient in mortality, and children and teenagers are virtually free of risk – seasonal flu is far more of a risk to them.  Of the very small number of children and teenagers who are known to have died from COVID-19, nearly all of them had serious pre-existing comorbidities.

Instead of locking down these young people, making them wear disease-creating masks, and subjecting them to mental torture, they should have been and should be encouraged and allowed to develop natural immunity, which will be a non-dangerous, real, effective and long-lasting immunity against COVID-19 and its inevitable (milder) variants.

Given the dangers embodied in the COVID-19 vaccines, any vaccination, forced or unforced, of young people will be a crime.  On the incontrovertible evidence that is currently available, the COVID-19 vaccines are and will cause orders of magnitude more damage to young people than COVID-19 could possibly ever do.  And that does not even consider the long term effects of these vaccines.

9.  If no one had ever mentioned COVID-19, the worst anyone would have thought was that 2020 was a bad year for flu, with at most, a small rise in the number of deaths from flu and pneumonia.  Deaths due to pneumonia and flu have disappeared, to be re-labelled “COVID deaths”.

COVID-19 is the first ‘pandemic’ in history that has lowered the death rate and increased life expectancy.

In the US, once the lockdown-induced increase in suicide and drug overdoses, and the increased murder rate due to ‘defund the police’ efforts are allowed for, the death toll in 2020 was less than in 2019.

In most countries, the average age of people officially dying of COVID-19 is higher than the life expectancy prior to the release/escape from Wuhan.  In other words, it is the very old and sick who are most at risk.

10.  Many competent experienced doctors quickly tried and identified very successful and safe therapeutic regimes for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

These regimes used a combination of widely used, well known, safe and cheap drugs. These regimes include:

  • Ivermectin, or hydroxychloroquine plus zinc; plus
  • A corticosteroid such as Prednisone; plus
  • Anti-coagulants.

(The Lancet has retracted their much publicised ‘study’ that condemned HCQ as dangerous and ineffective.)

The anti-coagulants are required to deal with the micro-blood clots that form in the lungs, an injury that the ventilators made worse, not better.

This is the first time in history that experienced competent physicians were actively subverted and obstructed in their efforts to develop treatment regimes for a new illness.

This is the first time in history that drugs with a long history of safe use were suppressed or banned by the authorities, and their proponents ridiculed, censored and disciplined.

Not because the drugs were ineffective or dangerous, but because the drugs were safe and very effective, provided the patient was treated early enough.  Can the Prime Minister, Mr Hipkins and Mr Bishop please explain the rationale for this criminal suppression, and why they have not acted to stop it?

Clearly, public health is subordinate to a dangerous vaccine agenda, and it was always going to be.

11.  The 2002-2004 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) outbreak was caused by the SARS-CoV-1 corona virus.  SARS had a case fatality rate of between 9.5% to 11%, which is well over 60 times that of COVID-19.

Attempts to develop vaccines for SARS-CoV-1 had to be abandoned because all of the test animals died.  Most did not die immediately, but several months later (equivalent to about 2 years in human terms).

The test animals often died from cytokine storms (hypercytokinemia), in which the (vaccine affected) immune system causes an uncontrolled and excessive release of pro-inflammatory signalling molecules called cytokines.  When suddenly released in large quantities, cytokines cause multisystem organ failure and death.

The SARS-CoV-1 vaccine attempts were halted because the resulting vaccines were lethal to the test animals.  Not always immediately, but (in human terms), always within two years of the vaccination.

The genetically engineered (mild) bioweapon COVID-19 is also known as SARS-CoV-2.  Note the name.

After all SARS-CoV-1 vaccine research had to be abandoned because the vaccines killed all of the test animals within the human equivalent of two years, why are similar SARS-CoV-2 vaccines now being effectively mandated, with ‘promises’ to track down the unvaccinated?

When the vaccinated are exposed to another corona virus infection, the cytokine storm hits.

12.  Numerous world leading doctors, virologists and scientists in related fields have spoken out and against the COVID-19 vaccines, and demanded that the vaccinations be stopped, or at the very least restricted to only the most vulnerable.

Luc Montagnier is a world leading virologist who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 for being a co-discoverer of the HIV virus.

Montagnier has stated categorically that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are insanity.  He has also identified protein sequences similar to brain prion disease in the vaccines.

13.  Already, the lethality of the COVID-19 vaccines has become undeniable, and the vaccine death and injury toll has already proven to be far too high to justify any more vaccinations.

The ‘spike protein’ is found on the surface of the genetically engineered and released COVID-19 ‘virus’.  The mRNA vaccines have a knowingly dangerous mechanism of action.  They permanently alter the person’s DNA, and cause the body to make an uncontrolled quantity of pathogenic spike protein from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

This production of spike protein within the person’s body has already been clearly demonstrated to injure vital organs such as the brain, heart, lungs and blood vessels.  Because the vaccines infect cells within these organs, the generation of spike protein within the heart and brain cells in particular causes the body’s immune system to attack these organs.

Women’s ovaries and men’s testes are particularly prone to attack and permanent damage – an involuntary sterilisation in fact.  Why is it that children and young people must be vaccinated, despite them being at minimal risk of serious injury from COVID-19?

Vaccinated young people, especially teenage boys, are suffering from myocarditis (heart inflammation) at rates up to 25 times the normal.  This inflammation does not represent a short term problem – it will cause ongoing heart problems.

The COVID-19 vaccines are causing horrific blood clotting problems.  Healthy teenage athletes in the US are suffering multiple blot clots in the brain soon after being vaccinated.

Some vaccine victims have had massive bleeding or clotting in the brain, killing them.  The treating physicians have stated that they have never seen damage like this before.

14.  By the Prime Minister’s own public admissions in television interviews, the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent a vaccinated person contracting COVID-19, and they do not prevent a vaccinated person from infecting others with COVID-19!  Enough said – the vaccines are, at best, worthless, and any risk they pose, no matter how small, cannot be justified.

The Prime Minister qualified her admission by claiming that, although the vaccines do not prevent infection and spread, they reduce the severity of the effects of the infection.

Given that there are very effective, cheap and safe therapeutics, and that so many infected people don’t even know they have COVID-19, the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent infection and do not prevent spread means they are at best useless, and their use must stop immediately, because the risks are near infinitely greater than any benefits.

15.  Lockdowns don’t work in preventing spread and infection, unless one is dealing with a disease as lethal and quick-acting as Ebola.  In fact, they make matters worse, by preventing the rapid widespread development of natural immunity.  Sweden went for natural immunity over lockdowns, and has reaped the benefits.

Remember when we in the western democracies were told the COVID-19 restrictions were just for two weeks, to ‘flatten the curve’ for hospital admissions.  Now we are told that restrictions will be permanent, and every one must be vaccinated, and given booster shots in perpetuity.  What we are told by ‘the authorities’ is wrong, and the best doctors in the world are saying ‘the authorities’ are wrong

The scientific evidence is clear – masks do not prevent transmission of COVID-19, and the masks are causing massive psychological and long-term physical health problems.

Finance director for the creation of this illegal gain-of-function virus, Fauci, said initially that masks don’t work, then said that we must never shake hands again, and then said that double masks plus eye goggles are essential protection, but then said it’s all right to hook up on Tinder to have sex with a stranger, and now, when he should be in prison, he is pushing for mandatory vaccination (despite the staggering vaccine death toll and injuries) plus mask wearing, and says that anyone who questions him is questioning science.  He is an affront to science and an affront to humanity.

16.  Clearly, the irrational official propaganda campaigns regarding COVID-19, which have continued unabated more than 15 months after the real facts and the real science put a lie to the panic, have caused widespread irrational fear and behaviour in the community.

People who wear masks while driving alone in their own cars are clearly disturbed.  What they should be concerned about are the diseases they are prone to due to the oxygen deprivation and bacterial and fungal growths that mask wearing entails.

Having what should be mentally and physically healthy young men and women walk alone along a street with a mask on is insane.

17.  Many if not most ‘cases’ of COVID-19 are false positives, because the (qualitative only) PCR tests are run at far too many cycles to produce realistic qualitative results.

If there are new cases of COVID-19 (real or false positive), that is irrelevant, and there is absolutely no scientifically justifiable reason to impose restrictions as a result.

Given that in most people, the infection produces no symptoms or mild effects, and given that there are excellent safe affordable and very effective therapeutics available, especially those based on Ivermectin, then the only required response to new cases is to treat the people who are ill, and especially those people who are morbidly obese or who have significant underlying conditions.

The current lockdown in NSW is based on the fact that of those people tested, 1 in 35,700 was seriously ill (and probably because of significant pre-existing conditions).  To lock down a state in perpetuity and enforce insane mask wearing and other requirements, based on a tiny fraction of the population being infected, and of that tiny fraction, only 1 in 35,700 being seriously ill, is the very definition of insanity.  The people currently in charge of NSW are, at best, deranged.

18.  Very many of the new COVID-19 cases around the world are actually caused by the mRNA vaccines.  These vaccines are designed and intended to turn the victim’s body into a COVID-19 spike protein producing factory, in other words, a COVID-19 producing factory.  Those spike proteins then get spread to other people.

The (still manageable) death toll in India spiked only after mass vaccinations started, because it was the vaccines that were causing the new COVID-19 cases, and it was most likely the vaccine induced hyper-allergic responses that were causing the deaths.

In contrast, Mexico has significantly reduced COVID-19 related deaths, through the widespread use of Ivermectin as a treatment.  With Ivermectin and the other safe and effective therapeutics, no vaccinations would be required, even if the vaccines were safe (they are not) and even if the vaccines were effective at preventing infection and spread (they are not, and even the Prime Minister admits that).

The vaccinations must stop immediately, a rational response based on the real risk must be finally implemented, the scare must stop, and the effective therapeutics must be used, and the public must be told these scientific facts, not subject to the political scare.

19.  The Government and Air New Zealand have co-operated to create the most dangerous possible flying experience in the presence of COVID-19.  Planes do have or soon will have many vaccinated crew and passengers on board, all of them shedding COVID-19 spike proteins to infect the sensible unvaccinated crew members and passengers, while vaccinated pilots in the cockpit are at risk of vaccine induced strokes or other sudden injury, with everyone at risk of getting dangerously sick from the masks they are forced to wear.  Immediately, ‘safe flights’ must be instigated, in which only unvaccinated pilots, cabin crew and passengers are allowed on board, with no masks to be worn, with the planes serviced by unvaccinated ground crew, to produce the safest flying environment, both physically and mentally.

A flying environment free of COVID-19 spike protein shedding, mask related diseases, hysteria and paranoia.

Vaccination of the remaining sensible pilots and cabin crew must be prevented immediately.

20.  New COVID-19 variants are irrelevant, and they represent a significant increase in risk only to the already vaccinated.  All corona viruses become more contagious but less dangerous as they mutate – they want to be in as many hosts as possible, and they can’t do that if they are too virulent.

The Delta variant represents a reduction in the already small risk of serious injury and death to otherwise healthy people, compared to the Alpha variant, except for those who have already been vaccinated.  The vaccinated are between 4 and 10 times more likely to die or be hospitalised from the Delta variant than the unvaccinated.  That is the science and those are the facts.  The ‘Delta scaremongering’ must stop.

21.  If the apparent ‘COVID-19’ death toll starts to rise, it will not be because of the virus itself, but because of the vaccinations, which generate the spike proteins as well as cause the injuries resulting in death.  A rising death toll will not require more vaccinations.  Rather, it will require the vaccinations to stop because it will be the vaccinations that are causing the increased death toll.

22.  Corona viruses are very common, and cause about 20% of colds.  Once they are out in the general population, they cannot be eliminated.  Attempts to eliminate COVID-19, especially through never ending alerts, lockdowns and restrictions cannot be justified in any way whatsoever – the science and known facts prove this to a certainty.

Given the very low infection fatality rate for COVID-19, the known at-risk groups, and the availability of excellent affordable therapeutics, the tracking, the lockdowns, the alert levels, the masks, the scares, the social distancing, the vaccinations, the propaganda must all stop.

Even with all of the false positives, the false attributions of death, the counter-productive government actions and the suppression of effective therapeutics, the COVID-19 death toll in countries of our type has been no worse or little worse than that caused by seasonal flu.

The only scientifically justifiable approach, consistent with our constitutional arrangements, rights and freedoms, is to get those who are ill to voluntarily self-isolate as they should with a cold or the flu, and for those who are truly sick with COVID-19 to be treated with the excellent available therapeutics.

COVID-19 is essentially a (genetically engineered) cold virus, the effects of which can be treated successfully if need be, a virus that has already proven to be little or no worse than seasonal flu.  The utterly arbitrary and irrational repressive official response must stop.

The ongoing state of emergency is unlawful, because it is based on now provable lies.  The curtailment of our centuries old rights and freedoms must stopWhy do National and Act MPs sit idly by, and allow this unjustifiable suppression of our basic human rights to continue, given the obvious and proven facts regarding the low risk of death or serious injury from COVID-19 itself for the vast majority of the population?

23.  If vaccines work, then the vaccinated will be safe, and the unvaccinated cannot harm the vaccinated.  The unvaccinated cannot overwhelm the health system, because only certain specific groups are at risk, and they can be quickly and effectively treated with safe, reliable therapeutics.  Therefore, there is no medical, scientific, economic, moral or legal reason for those who do not want to be vaccinated with these dangerous vaccines to be pressured, coerced or forced to be vaccinated.

24.  In addition to the children, the young, and the fit and healthy older people who are at near zero risk of dangerous harm from COVID-19, the people who have already been exposed to COVID-19 and who have developed natural immunity not only do not have to be vaccinated, they should not be vaccinated.  Their natural immunity is far stronger and reliable than any vaccine, and it is in general not wise to give a vaccine to a person with natural immunity.  For example, you do not give a smallpox vaccine to a dairy farmer who has had cowpox.  The reaction is likely to be extremely bad, if not fatal.

25.  This is the first time in history that during a ‘pandemic’, it was the healthy population that had to be quarantined.  Why?

This is the first time in history that proven effective therapeutics have been suppressed.  Why?

26.  The three fundamental principles of medicine and medical science are:

(i)     Doctors must do no harm.

(ii)    People have a right to informed consent.

(iii)   People have a right to decline a medical treatment.

Except for forced sterilisation under the ‘progressive’ eugenics agenda and the Nazi regime, and the use of medical and psychiatric torture in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Communist China and other ‘progressive’ communist eutopias, the COVID-19 hysteria and the COVID-19 vaccinations represent the first time in modern history that these fundamental medical principles have been violated.  Why have they been violated, when the risk of death or serious injury from COVID-19 is very, very small, except for a small percentage of the population with readily identifiable pre-existing comorbidities?

27.  The vaccines are far worse than the COVID-19 itself, and for young people and children the vaccines pose the only real risk.  An horrific risk.

The vaccines don’t prevent infection, they don’t prevent spread, and they cause terrible side effects and death at unacceptable and increasing levels.

To promote, then pressure, then demand vaccination with such toxic and lethal vaccines, for a virus with a real death toll little worse than yearly influenza, is completely unjustifiable and unlawful.

If the intent is to protect people and their health, the established science demands that the COVID-19 vaccinations must stop now, never to be resumed.

28.  As I am just completing this e-mail, I learn that 5 Texan Democrats who were in Washington DC, in part to meet the Vice-President, came down with COVID-19 despite them being fully vaccinated!

And I learn that the UK’s Chief Science Advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, just publicly stated that 60% (later downrated to 40%) of recent UK COVID-19 hospital admissions were for people who were fully vaccinated.

Yours truthfully,

John Scarry

3 thoughts on “Letter to NZ MPs: The COVID-19 Scare and Mass Vaccinations Must Stop Now – They Cannot Be Justified

  1. I have also written (via emails) to the NZ PM and MP’s and not received any responses. I am a past serving member of the RNZN, and frankly, it is my belief that cemeteries around NZ are churning, with departed ANZAC’s turning in their graves, as Arden and her minion advisors destroy the very freedoms they shed their blood and lives for to secure.

    Corona Viruses are hosted in animals as well as humans and there will never be a zero covid. Ever.

    Australian politicians have willingly turned their backs on their ANZAC’s too, and have turned it back into the Penal Colony it started out as. Arden is emulating them.

    Well I say “a Pox on all their Parliament Houses, and gutless, spineless, politicians who would not know the facts and the truth if the fell over it.

    The reality is we now have the Medical Mafia in charge, and IMO, they are bribing the politburo, er, politicians, who make Animal Farm look like a fairy tale.The vax’s are an Experimental Medical Treatment under Emergency Use Authorization and they are killing people, and maiming them for life.They are not permitted without Full Informed Consent.(Nuremberg Code, Siracusa Principles, et al.)

    When I served, we were taught to be prepared fight back the CCP yellow hordes. Well our gutless, spineless, politicians are the yellow hordes who we have to fight now,.to take our rightful freedoms back. We have to put them on trial for Crimes Against Humanity. For Genocide, then ready the gibbets (or Madame Guillotine in France)


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